What Should You Bring On A Paintball Day?

You’ve located your local Britannia Paintball Centre and secured your ideal date. The excitement is kicking in, but what happens next? Whether you’re a seasoned sniper or a paintball virgin, it’s always good to be prepared, which is why we’ve put together this invaluable checklist ahead of the big day. Happy paintballing! [...]

What Level Of Paintball Player Are You?

At Britannia Paintball we welcome all levels of paintball players. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran of the game, you’ll be greeted at our paintball centres with open arms. Here’s our fun (slightly karate based) guide to help you determine just what level of paintball player you really are! [...]

Which 5 Celebrities Would Be Rubbish At Paintball?

From Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney to supermodel and fashionista Cara Delevingne, we’ve been delighted to welcome several A-list celebrities to our Britannia Paintball Centres over the years. Most have excelled on the battlefield, but we suspect this lot may not fare so well...(Note: If you’re a major celebrity who happens to be in[...]

5 Things Every Paintball Newbie Needs To Know

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, everyone is always made to feel welcome at their local Britannia Paintball Centre! It's natural for paintball newbies to have some questions - 'What should I wear?', 'What are the rules?', 'Will I be safe?' - so we've put together a little guide to help[...]

Why You Shouldn’t Play Paintball With A Hangover

You’ve woken up with a phone number on your arm, one eyebrow and a shopping trolley in your living room. You could be on the set of The Hangover, or it’s just a standard Saturday morning. The thought of even moving out of your newly built bed-cocoon is sending shivers down your spine, but[...]

7 Reasons Why Paintball Is Better Than Laser Quest

1. You can see if you’ve shot someone! When you’re holding one of our quality paintball guns – or maybe even one of our M16 replica gun upgrades – you’re in control. You know who you’re aiming for and you know when you’ve scored a hit. Nobody[...]

Why Go Paintballing This Father’s Day?

Stuck for what to buy Dad this Father’s Day? Why not book a day of paintballing at your local Britannia Paintball Centre? Our tailor made activity days are jam-packed with all kinds of obstacles to test your abilities. But why paintball? Why Britannia? Here are just a few reasons why you need to book[...]

Why A Paintball Date Makes The Perfect First Date

We all know how difficult dating can be. Making a first impression is always important, so picking the perfect place to take your date needs some serious consideration! Here are some reasons why you should consider paintball dating at your local Britannia Paintball Centre. Small talk can be awkward,[...]

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