1. You can see if you’ve shot someone!

When you’re holding one of our quality paintball guns – or maybe even one of our M16 replica gun upgrades – you’re in control. You know who you’re aiming for and you know when you’ve scored a hit. Nobody can steal those points away from you when you stalk the opposition and pepper them with paintballs!

2. There are endless opportunities!

If you’ve played laser quest before, you’re probably used to darkened rooms filled with bitter tasting fake smoke, or tiny outdoor fields with a stack of tires to hide behind. Thankfully your local Britannia Paintball Centre has something a bit more special on offer – just check out our London Apocalypse or Dawn of the Dead game zone to see what we mean!

3. Paintball makes you feel like a warrior!

There is nothing more exciting than arriving for a day of paintballing action and get suited and booted ready for the game ahead. What will you take into battle today? Maybe upgrade to a replica M16 machine gun? How about purchasing optional paint grenades and flash bangs? There really is nothing quite like a day at Britannia Paintball!

4. Paintball is far more realistic!

It’s not just about the difference in equipment; when it comes to paintball you have real ammo to fear! Ducking and hiding from a laser gun just doesn’t have the same ‘feels’. When you’re being peppered with paintballs, there is no greater rush than the thrive to survive without getting hit. Maybe this is why the real military trains with paintballs?

5. Paintball requires tactics!

It doesn’t matter how many paintballs you’ve allowed yourself, you need to be able to switch to full stealth mode in order to last the game. You can be trigger happy but you’ll lose to the hands of the enemy, or you can think smart and bring your team to victory by putting those tactics into place.

6. Paintball lasts so much longer!

It’s easy to get bored playing laser quest, not only can you not see who you’ve shot – or who shot you for that matter! – But after waiting for your gun to reactivate for the 50th time you’ll soon be wishing you booked a day of epic paintballing. We even look after you between games with fresh pizza available for your lunch break* and refreshments available from the basecamp shop.

7. Paintball encourages team work!

It’s easy to find yourself in a free for all when playing laser quest. But when paintball comes into action, there is nothing like planning to storm the enemy sneakily when they least expect it! It is no wonder Britannia Paintball Centres all around the UK are booked for team building days out and corporate events!

We’re ready if you are!

Whether it’s a day out with friends and family, a stag or hen do, or a kid’s birthday party, we are prepared for any event. Book a day of epic paintballing at your local Britannia Paintball Centre now by visiting the booking page or calling our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on: 0844 477 5098.

* Pizzas must be requested before 11am

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