Kids Paintballing

Safe paintballing action for kids

We host junior paintballing days for 10-13 and 14-16 year olds. Paintball is a great sport for kids, giving them the opportunity to burn off excess energy in an enclosed woodland environment. All the games are supervised by trained marshals that pay close attention to the safety of Juniors in particular. As a sport, paintball really has started to become very popular with both kids and their parents – in fact as of 2014 we are entertaining over 360,00 kids at our centres every year.

We are a 5-Star member of the UKPBA

The UKPBA is the largest Governing Body of the sport in the UK. Their award recognises us for being pioneers of full head safety goggles that completely surround and protect the head. We have also introduced padded combat suits with a high collar to protect the neck. We even offer lightweight armour and armoured gloves as an extra measure of protection. Some people may say we have taken the ‘fun’ out of the sport, but we feel we have made it far safer and more accessible to everyone – particularly junior players.


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Game Zones

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Parental registration forms

We ask that all players under 16 years arrive with a completed parental registration form signed by a parent or guardian. We have also prepared an Information for Parents document that is available on request. Both documents make parents and juniors aware of exactly what to expect from a day of paintballing with Britannia Paintball. Parents can then make an informed decision as to whether or not they feel the sport is suitable for their children.

Goggle Checks

Before leaving the basecamp a marshal will ‘touch-check’ the goggles of every player to ensure their goggles are properly fitted and that the chin strap is securely fastened. We feel that this is an important extra safety measure – with the chin strap fastened it is impossible for the helmet to become accidentally dislodged – it also prevents the goggles being deliberately removed in the ‘heat of the moment’. Removal of goggles in gamezones is taken very seriously and may result in a ban.

Safety briefing

The Centre Manager will summon everyone to the stage for a safety presentation. We require all players to pay very close attention to the safety speech. The centre manager will then clearly explain the safety regulations, the rules of the game, and how to use the equipment. The centre manager delivers the speech from a stage, whilst senior marshals patrol the outer edge of the audience ensuring that everyone is paying attention.

No paintball guns in basecamp

Following the safety briefing players will don their safety goggles and move from basecamp into the gun zone. This area is self contained and used only for the issuing/storage of paintball guns. Safety goggles must be worn at all times from this point and paintball guns must never be taken back into basecamp. This is to preserve the safety of basecamp so players may remove their helmets without being concerned by accidental or intentional paintball fire.

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