At Britannia Paintball we welcome all levels of paintball players. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran of the game, you’ll be greeted at our paintball centres with open arms. Here’s our fun (slightly karate based) guide to help you determine just what level of paintball player you really are!

White Belt Newbie

It’s the beginning of your paintball journey and you’ve gained the skills needed so far to keep your combat suit from falling down. You’ve been given a full safety brief upon arrival but have little knowledge on your marker or optional M16 upgrade. You’re keen to get stuck into the action, but you’re a little nervous.

Paintball Novice

You’ve learnt the basics and have a game or two under your belt, but haven’t quite grasped those all important tactics just yet. In a day at Britannia Paintball you’ll most likely be hit the highest number of times and you’re still considered pretty far down the food chain. Your time will come though…

Purple Warrior

With enough skills and knowledge to tackle any obstacle, you feel prepared, but you’re still susceptible to unexpected attacks. You’re well on your way to mastering the art of paintball, but there’s still plenty to learn.

One Step Away

Confidence is high and you’re verging on becoming a paintball master. You’re one step away from becoming a black belt, but what are you missing? Time to knuckle down and keep learning from the best.

Ultimate Black Belt

You’ve mastered every skill there is and you feel like a true badass. You might as well set up your own paintball league and crown yourself the champion now. Just promise us one thing – when you’re attending film premieres and lapping up the adulation of hordes of fans, you’ll pass on your paintball knowledge and spread the word!

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