We all know how difficult dating can be. Making a first impression is always important, so picking the perfect place to take your date needs some serious consideration! Here are some reasons why you should consider paintball dating at your local Britannia Paintball Centre.

Small talk can be awkward, especially when it comes to dating! What better way is there to break the ice than a day of epic paintball dating? Not only will it create an immediate bond as you storm the opposition and bring your team to victory, but it’ll also be a date they’ll never forget.

It shows thought and imagination

What are the chances they have been on a date with so much action before! A day of paintballing will show them you’ve put a lot of thought into your day, and with a variety of world class game zones on offer at all of our centres, there will never be a dull moment.

It’ll set up the rest of the day for you

If you’re worried the conversation might come down to discussing favourite pets or what you had for dinner last Saturday, paintballing will ensure the conversation keeps flowing post game. ‘Did you see that shot?’ will quickly replace the ‘so, do you like…stuff?’ chit chat.

There will never be any awkward silences

Let paintballing do the talking for you. Not only will you both be too busy having fun to worry what your hair looks like, but when you’ve got your grip around one of our M16 replica upgrades you’ll prove just how well you can handle yourself in any situation! There is nothing quite like a paintballing hero to set off those first date butterflies!

What are you waiting for?

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