About Britannia Paintball

Standard Paintballing Equipment

  • Semi-automatic paintball gun
  • Padded combat suit with high collar
  • Us-spec safety goggles with full head protection
  • Paintball battle packs

Optional Paintballing Equipment

  • Body armour
  • Armoured gloves
  • M16 Gun upgrade
  • Paint grenades (18+)
  • Smoke bombs (18+)
  • Flash bangs (18+)

Standard Paintballing Equipment

Semi-automatic paintball gun

Your 0.68 calibre semi-automatic paintball gun will transform you into a paintball warrior! We’re not even joking – even the most serious and level headed of players get a wild glint in their eye once they feel the weight of the paintball gun in their hands. Each gun is equipped with a gas cylinder and a hopper which holds your paintballs.

Standard issue combat suit

You will be issued with an appropriately sized, full length padded combat suit. Your suit will be clean and freshly laundered for the day and – if used correctly – will protect your clothing from paint splatter. The combat suit also comes equipped with a high collar that protects the sensitive areas of your neck that would be otherwise exposed.

US-Spec safety goggles

You will also be issued with a set of US-spec safety goggles that cover the entire head – including the top and back. The goggles actually look somewhat like the helmets worn by off-road bikers – but you will find them much more lightweight and breathable thanks to a system of vents.

Battle packs

Your battle pack is purpose built to carry four paintball pods – each containing 100 paintballs (not included). This gives you a convenient way to carry up to 400 paintballs with you at all times – meaning no more moments of frustration when you run out of ammo in the middle of a fire-fight.

Optional Paintballing Equipment

Purchasable body armour and armoured gloves

You may request lightweight armour that will give the front and back of your torso complete protection for a cost of £2.00. This armour is completely optional and features a comfortable design that won’t hinder or slow you down when duelling in a game zone. In addition to the armour you can also purchase a pair of armoured gloves for £6.99. These gloves are designed to be rigid without limiting your range of movement.

M16 upgrade gun

If you want to look cool and gain an advantage over your opponents you can upgrade your standard semi-automatic paintball gun to a replica M16 semi-automatic rifle for £10. This gun comes with an 11″ barrel, built-in sight, collapsible stock and removable magazine. Many players choose the M16 for its collapsible stock which allows you to steady the rifle against your shoulder as you train your sight on the enemy.

Paint grenades, smoke bombs and thunderflashes (flash bang)

If you’re over 18 you can purchase these pyrotechnic items on the day of your event. Not only do pyrotechnics give you a tactical advantage, they also increase the atmosphere of the game. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline of storming through a smoke filled clearing or emptying out a fortified structure with a well aimed paint grenade or flash bang.

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