This April fool’s day instead of being pranked. You should come paintballing with Britannia. There are a lot of interesting facts that will make you want to choose to spend some time at a Britannia Paintball Centre. Will it be the movie quality game zones? Or the fact that we attract A-list celebrities? Or will it be one of the more unusual facts like…

Holy painted cow Batman

Did you know? Paintball guns were originally invented to put marks on cattle. These marks would be used to group the cows into categories. For example: Breeding cows might have been shoot with red paint and milking cows with blue. One day two farmers had an argument and decided to settle things by going into the woods with 9 mates – each armed with cattle marking paint guns – for a random shooting game.

The two farmers hung four different coloured flag around the woods and each player went out alone to try and find the flags. The aim was to come back with all the flags and to have not been marked with paint. If you failed, the game was lost. It turned out that 3 of the players worked for different papers and magazines. They each wrote about how much fun they had and the public became interested. Thus, paintball was born.

Give me some spaceman

When the Mars One mission was announced, the brains of Britannia paintball had an idea that was out of this world. They decided when the time comes, a small team of paintball marshals, paintball engineers and other paintballing staff (maybe a writer) will be sent up. Their job will be to start the first off -world paintballing centre. This centre will give the people of this one way trip something to keep their minds away from what they left back on Earth.

Medicine balls

All of the paintballs used by Britannia are biodegradable and any excess paint will simply wash away. One of the ingredients used in the paint is Polyethylene glycol, which is also found in cough syrup. But if you do find yourself with a bit of a cough. I wouldn’t recommend eating one of the paintballs.

The question you’ve got to ask yourself now is, am I telling you the truth? Or could one of these facts be untrue? Why not let us know on our Facebook Page.

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