Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in the movies? At Britannia Paintball, you can experience some of the finest game zones, inspired by Hollywood and popular video games. Below is a top 10 list of our personal favourites:

10. Black Hawk Down:

A crashed helicopter in the middle of the woods. The pilot is hurt but able to set off a distress call. Your mission: You and your team must rescue the pilot as the other team try to stop you.

9. Castle Wallenberg:

This epic two storey stronghold is yours for the taking. You just need to eliminate the pesky opposition. If you’re on the attacking team you’re able to re-spawn back to the start of the zone. Take full advantage of this rule to get the edge on the defenders.

8. Gold Rush:

A Wild West town up for grabs. With a saloon bar with swinging doors, a hang man rope and even a funeral home. This is the game scenario for any Billy the kid wannabe.

7. Sheriffs Castle:

Become like Robin Hood. With your paintballing band of merry men and storm the sheriff’s castle – taking the rewards that are due and give them to the poor.

6: Operation Desert Storm:

Do you want to feel like you’re in Call of Duty? This is the game zone for you. The Presidents armoured convoy was attacked on its way to the embassy. Your mission is to protect him on his way to the embassy.

5: Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack:

A classic paintballing scenario. Deep in the woods with natural cover and deep woodlands. This is a search and rescue mission to locate a downed airman. Find him, rescue him and win the game.

4: Zombies’ Crypt:

Our spookiest game zone. The holy book holds the power to stop the undead. You must grab this book and place it back at the base. With an impressive two storey church and grave stones for cover, this is a perfect zone for fans of the horror genre.

3: Tomb Raider:

Imagine being like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. The centre of this game zone is a spectacular pyramid and in that pyramid is the amulet of power. Take control of that power and win the game.

2: London Apocalypse:

With a real double-decker bus, red phone boxes and loads of other iconic London features. This is the perfect game zone for people who want to see London without the crowds.

1: Star Gate:

The ultimate game zone for sci-fi lovers. In the middle is a replica of the Stargate. On one side is a millennium old Egypt. The other side is modern day. You mission is to keep control of both ends of the Stargate. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our movie style game zones. So book your tickets with Britannia Paintball and have the adventure of a life time. Call us now on 0844 477 5098. Tags:

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