We have had many comedians at Britannia Paintball over the years, each with their own unique sense of humour and bizarre paintball tactics! Below are a few funny and cheesy stories to get you in the mood for Red Nose day.

A mate of mine went to the paintball academy. He spent years learning all the tricks on how to become a friendly marshal. He got told about our movie quality game zones, had it drummed into him how safety is our number one priority and how our safety equipment is state of the art. It was a tough six months… but he passed with flying colours…

A panda came paintballing the other day. He turned up at lunch time, ate his pizza, shot at the other team then walked out. My mate asked why that panda did what he did. So I said look it up in the dictionary. He did. It said: Panda: A black and white bear. Eats shoots and leaves…

My buddy said he wanted to go paintballing and got all of us to book with him. We all tuned up but he wasn’t there. I phoned him after and said “mate you missed an amazing day”. I told him about all the different game zones and how they had some props from real movies on them. I then said, “So where were you mate?”He sad “I did go paintballing, I managed to paint over 170 balls… Where were you?”

If those jokes have got you in the mood. Then why not come to one of our Britannia Paintball Centres for low cost paintball fun. Maybe you could get sponsored to come along and give the money to Comic Relief?

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