We all know Mother-in-laws can be tough cookies to crack. Whether you’re officially a part of the family or you’re soon to be — perhaps as part of a hen do — here are some reasons why you should take her paintballing at your local Britannia Paintball Centre.

Paintballing releases any built up tension!

You might not be her favourite in-law ever, but giving her the chance to fire some paintballs your way (and for you to happily return them) will break any awkward ice immediately. What better way is there to get everything out in the open than to chase each other around the paintball game zones, ducking and dodging and naturally enjoying each other’s company? Before you know it she’ll be inviting you around for dinner every day of the week!

It shows imagination and creativity!

It’s a bit like Mother’s Day – flowers and chocolates are lovely, but it doesn’t show much imagination does it? Not only will she be surprised you’re taking her down to your local Britannia Paintball Centre, but it’s an experience she will never forget! You might have to let her win to gain some extra brownie points though… but we didn’t say that.

It’ll show her you can handle yourself!

If she had any worries that you could look after her ‘precious’ little girl beforehand, she won’t now! Let her get a few shots in then show her what you’re made of! Or team up together and take your group to victory! Who’s got balls now, huh?

There will never be a dull moment!

If your usual conversation consists of the standard ‘How are you? Been up to much?’ routine, let paintball do the talking for you. Not only will you be having so much fun shooting each other (or others – sorry Dad, you’re a target too) that there will be no time for idle chitchat, but the memories will live on forever. ‘Remember when my Mum kicked your arse at paintball?’ may not be the ideal anecdote at dinner parties, but it’ll get you in the good books!

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