This Easter Sunday you and your family should visit your local Britannia Paintball Centre for an awesome paintballing ‘egg sperience’. Actually, in all the ‘egg citement’ I forgot to hide the Easter Eggs this year… I thought I would just use the word Egg and other Egg related words in some really bad puns instead. The problem is I have already writing some clues which lead to the Game Zones. Below are the clues to these zones. You should ‘egg’ each other on to work them out. Sorry for all the bad ‘Yolks’….

Paintballing releases any built up tension!

Clue 1

It is a Pharaoh distance to climb that triangle structure. If you do want to climb it you should get your Mummy to help you. Unless she is too wrapped up doing something else…

Clue 2

This German stronghold needs to tell you two storeys…

Clue 3

This famous ship isn’t called the white diamond. The captain also isn’t a sea bird but he is a bird you might see in your garden…

Answer One

This is of course referring to the Tomb Raider game zone. With its ancient ‘Egg gptian’ feel, complete with a giant pyramid and other Egg gptian props. This zone also contains the amulet of power. Which if isn’t stopped will not only be the end of your mission but maybe the world. So get to the amulet before your opponents do. We don’t want a failed mission and the end of the world to ruin your Easter bank holiday.

Answer Two

This is Castle Wallenburg, a two storey fortress! This is an ideal game zone for trying to get to the second floor quickly. This will give you a 360 degree view of the rest of the zone, making it a lot easier to take out your enemy. Also you can use this view to spot the other Easter eggs. That’s if I only remembered to hide them. Yeah sorry about that.

Answer Three

This was Captain Jake sparrow’s famous ship, the Black Pearl game zone. This game zone contains a replica of the doomed ship. I wish I had a pirate ship I could go on. Then I could sail away to forget about not hiding those Easter eggs. Again sorry about that.

This Easter holiday why not treat your family to a unique and frilling paintballing egg sperience? Give Britannia Paintball a call 24 hours a day on 0844 477 5098. By the way to make up for the Easter Eggs I didn’t hide, I have hidden the word Egg and Eggs in the article. They appear 14 times. Enjoy the hunt!

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