Your Paintballing Day

Registration and paintballing equipment issue

The session normally begins at around 9:15am, however we advise groups to arrive at 9:00am to ensure registration forms are completed as quickly as possible. Once registration forms have been completed each player will be issued with all the equipment they need for the session, along with any pre-purchased items such as paintballs, paint grenades and lunch vouchers. You may also store any valuables in personal lockers at this point.

Full safety briefing and team talk

You will then receive a pre-recorded safety briefing over the PA-system. This ensures that every safety consideration is properly addressed. You are here to have fun above all else, but we take your safety very seriously and ask that you give us your complete attention. All players are required to attend the safety briefing.

Once each participant has been issued with their equipment, marshals will then move around the base camp dividing everyone into teams with coloured armbands. These teams will be decided by the centre manager based on the bookings for the session. The teams will be divided equally by age, group size, and paintballing experience to ensure all games are competitive, safe and enjoyable for all players. Naturally every effort will be made to ensure friends and family can play together or separately if they prefer.

Paintball practice and goggle checks

Once the safety briefing is completed, each player will have his or her goggles inspected by a marshal. This test is performed to ensure every player has an appropriately fitted and secured pair of goggles for their safety. All Britannia Paintball goggles feature a chin strap that prevents the goggles lifting up, they also surround the top and back of the head, effectively preventing the goggles from slipping down.

Players will then be led through to the gun zone where they will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball machine gun and be given the opportunity to enjoy a few practice shots in the target area to get used to their paintball gun.


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Game Zones

Award-wining arenas, as voted by you

First half of paintball games

Players will then head into the first game zone and begin the first of six paintball battles lasting around 20 minutes each. The game zones vary from centre to centre but generally you will get to play on a wide variety - some requiring specific tactics and strategies to succeed. At all times Marshals will patrol the game zones keeping a close eye on all players, ensuring that everyone is having a safe, fair and enjoyable game.

Mid game lunchtime break

After the first six games you will have a 30 minute lunch break at approximately 1:00pm. You will be able to purchase drinks, crisps, sweets and a hot lunch (vegetarian options available). Alternatively, groups are welcome to bring their own lunch and snacks. All of our centres supply 9" personal pizzas for lunch (with the exception of Britannia Paintball in Plymouth, where we serve giant pasties instead. The pizzas are bought in from Perfect Pizza (or similar national chain). We also provide complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day.

Second half of paintball games

After lunch you will then get to play six more exciting paintball games - this is normally when most players start to wind down, making them easy targets!

Afternoon awards ceremony and bonus game

You will then be invited to attend an awards ceremony where the winners and the runners-up will receive certificates in recognition of their performances. It's all just a bit of fun so don't worry if you're not the competitive type. At this point many stories of heroism and cowardice will be shared and rematches will be planned. When possible a bonus game can be played, but this obviously depends on a number of factors.


The day then normally concludes at around 4:30pm and guests will be free to collect their personal belongings and make their way home. In winter months when the light hours are shorter the day will often concludes earlier at around 3:30pm.

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