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What if paintballs were replaced with food?

Written by: Britannia Paintball

We all have a favourite meal we like to come home to after a long day at work, but how would yours fare if it was used as ammunition at one of our Britannia Paintball Centres?

cake banner britannia paintball food
corn on the cob britannia paintball food

Corn on the cob

A bit like shooting a bow and arrow with bright yellow ammo, the corn on the cob is most definitely going to hit your target. The only problem is they may see it coming! Maybe leave the butter at home though, unless you’re looking to replace a flash bang with a block of Lurpak.

toffee apple britannia paintball food

Toffee apple

You may be used to seeing these at the funfair, but with enough ammo in your barrel, a toffee apple is definitely a strong contender to help you lead your team to victory. They may look sweet, but they are most definitely not going to take the competition lightly.

meatballs britannia paintball food


We’ve got other ideas for mum’s meatballs. With enough accuracy to pepper the other team with hundreds at a time, these quick movers will ensure every shot is successful. Sauce is optional...

pistachio nuts britannia paintball food

Pistachio nuts

These bad boys aren’t too dissimilar to what you’d expect to find in one of our top spec semi automatic paintballs guns. Well, apart from maybe the shells, the colour and the taste obviously. These feisty little pellets of magic will help you lock in your target and strike them out.


Which food would you choose? How about filling some optional paint grenades with cold custard? Maybe you’d favour Skittles over our multicoloured smoke bombs?

If you’re hungry to start your paintball experience, why not call one of our friendly event coordinators on 0844 477 5098? Alternatively you can visit our booking page to request a call back.

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