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Mini Paintball For Kids

Safe paintballing for kids

For the youngest of players aged 8-10 Mini Paintball is a toned down version of paintballing that is designed specifically for kids. It features less powerful paintball guns and much smaller projectiles resulting in softer impacts and less chance of any upsets. Younger players will still experience the same level of excitement as any adult – this includes being able to play in the same game zones – whether that’s inside the red double-decker buses in London Apocalypse or inside the Zombies’ Crypt. However games are shorter – from 11am until approximately 2:30pm.

We are a 5-Star member of the UKPBA

The UKPBA is the largest Governing Body of the sport in the UK. Their award recognises us for being pioneers of full head safety goggles that completely surround and protect the head. We have also introduced padded combat suits with a high collar to protect the neck. We even offer lightweight armour and armoured gloves as an extra measure of protection. Some people may say we have taken the ‘fun’ out of the sport, but we feel we have made it far safer and more accessible to everyone – particularly junior players.


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Fully Supervised Paintballing Fun

Your little soldiers will be supervised at all times by trained marshals. The marshals closely monitor players and watch out for incorrect use of equipment – such as players removing goggles in the game zone or attempting to take paintball guns back into the base camp. With over 600,000 visitors to Britannia Paintball centres each year, our staff have a proven record of keeping guests safe and well.

Book now to avoid disappointment

We entertain a maximum of 50 children on any one day at these centres, so if you’ve got a specific date in mind we recommend contacting us and booking at least 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Contact a member of our booking team now on 0203 869 9285 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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