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It is important that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions that apply to these tickets before redeeming and booking. If there are any terms that you do not understand or wish to agree to, message the seller through Ebay. Only proceed with your booking if you wish to be bound by the terms and conditions stated here. 1. Please call 0843 178 2453 to book. 2. All bookings are subject to availability. Your choice of date may not be available, but alternative dates will always be offered. Try to book at least two weeks ahead. 3. When you book, you will be required to pay the paintball centre for the first 100 paintballs, at a cost of £7.99 per person (credit cards accepted). 100 Paintballs per person are included in the price of the Obay ticket. 4. All prices quoted for booking packages are for payments made in person (at a paintball centre). Payments made this way are final and cannot be altered or amended in any way – meaning that once paid you will not be able to change the date of your booking and if any member of your party is unable to attend on the date of your booking then that payment is forfeited and no credit places issued. Payments made over the phone to the advice centre attract a service fee of 6.99% – and mean that your booking can be changed to another date if you wish (subject to availability), that credits will be given in respect of any players failing to attend the event, and that these players may attend a game on a date of your choosing in the future without further payment (again, subject to availability). 5. When confirming your booking with payment, there is no transaction fee charged for using a debit card. If paying for your booking with a credit card, a 2.32% fee applies – in accordance with the Consumer Rights (Payments Surcharge) Regulations 2012. 6. At national paintball centres in the UK our paintballs cost just £6.99 per 100 when you buy in bulk amounts of 1000 paintballs or £7.99 per 100 when bought in smaller quantities. Paintball prices are correct at time of printing and are subject to change. 7. Only paintballs supplied by the paintball centre on the day of your event may be used at the centre. Any player bringing their own paintballs into the centre will be excluded from the games, without refund. 8. The minimum age at National Centres is 10 years of age. The event is suitable for 11th birthday parties but NOT for 10th birthday parties where some of the children will be 9 years of age. 9. These tickets are only valid for use at national paintball centres on the location map http://www.britanniapaintball.co.uk/locations/ 10. Paintball centre locations are subject to change for reasons beyond our control, and the location map is for guidance only. Britannia Paintball undertakes to maintain a minimum of 10 such participating venues within the UK. 11. If anyone fails to attend the event on the date you have booked, the pre-payment and the paintballs for that person will be forfeited. 12. Food is not included in the cost of the Obay ticket, but is available to purchase on the day of your event. 13. Obay tickets are only sold by Britannia Paintball through its Ebay channel; they may be sold elsewhere by third parties, but such persons are not employees nor agents of Britannia Paintball. Payments made to third parties do not create contractual agreements with Britannia Paintball. Britannia Paintball will provide the services on the downloadable ticket, and none other. 14. You do not have a valid booking until you make full payment and you receive a booking confirmation via email. Should you not receive this within 48 hours of booking, please submit an enquiry on the Contact Us page. You will need to produce this confirmation on the game day, so please bring it with you. 15. Please note that we are unable to accept liability for any errors resulting from data which you have entered incorrectly. Please ensure that you have correctly filled in House, Street, Town and Postcode information. We also require a valid e-mail address for processing of confirmation emails and receipts. 16. Any payments made are non refundable. However we retain the discretion to carry forward payments against another booking in the future. Please ensure all players are able to make the booking date before submitting your booking, as mistakes cannot be rectified after the booking has been made. 17. Additional players can be added to an existing booking any time up to 48 hours before a game day. Please submit an enquiry at the Contact Us page. A Britannia Paintball consultant will contact you to make the arrangements for payment. Note: additional players that turn up at the centre without prior booking may not be allowed to participate due to limited capacity/availability of staff/equipment. Prior booking is essential. 18. Players are welcome to bring their own paintball markers to the centre although it is at the discretion of the game manager as to whether they can be used during a particular day, and all such markers must remain in the allocated gun zone throughout the duration of the day. At no time will any markers be permitted into the safe area. 19. Card payments onsite incur transaction fees. 20. All players agree to be bound by our playing conditions and safety rules. Any player that is unable to comply with our safety instructions will be excluded from the centre without refund.

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